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To teach and explore the use of energy in motion to foster creativity and to enhance performance and enjoyment of music and the arts.


Certifed Creative Motion teachers are located throughout the United States.

Follow the links below to be connected with a teacher near you or to learn more about the certification process.

The Creative Motion Alliance sponsors events throughout the year, including the annual week-long summer conference known as the Windswept Music Conference.


The CMA membership meets once each year. Members may attend in person, or via electronic means.


At its core, Creative Motion is dedicated to the efficient use of energy to unify body, mind and spirit. 


Certification in Creative Motion teaching is available on the third year of Windswept attendance. For more information see the links below.

Martha Stockton Russell developed the principles she called Creative Motion after lengthy personal study and collaboration with many musicians and pedagogues, including Emile Jaques-Dalcroze.


Seasoned performers working with Creative Motion for the first time typically have a heightened artistic experience. 


Teachers develop a pedagogy for comunicating and portraying authentic ideas to their students.


Students who integrate Creative Motion into their study from an early age are often described as having musicianship come to them naturally.





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