Creative Motion Clinics

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Creative  Motion   Clinic  

Sunday March 6, 2022,

4 pm EST / 3pm Central


Mary Ann Fritz will present information from her research

“The Philosophical Roots of



Big Tree

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Current practitioners and students of Creative Motion are scattered across the U.S. This makes gathering together share knowledge and explore new areas of learning a challenge. This was true even in pre-pandemic times!


The quarterly ZOOM sessions will last one-hour in length and will be led by one of our Certified Creative Motion Instructors. The content and presentation will be rather informal, and use the ZOOM format.

Creative Motion Clinic Sessions are currently scheduled for Sundays at 4pm Eastern

3pm Central, 2pm Mountain, 1pm Pacific

Please join us!


Questions? Email for the ZOOM link.

Recent Clinics:

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11/7/21 - Ty Miller. - "A Journey and its Gifts"

6/13/21 - Dr. Mary Ann Fritz - "Creative Motion and the Writing Process"
3/21/2021 - Dr. Mary Hannah Klontz "Spring into Spring" part one - An overview of Creative Motion Principles.

2/28/21 - Dr. Robert Smith "This Pianists's Creative Motion Dilemma is Solved!"

11/8/20 - Dr. Justin Isenhour "Exploration of Rhythm and Phrase"

10/11/20 - Phyllis Pasley "Awakenings" 28:34 on CMA Youtube channel

9/20/20 - Dr. Jane Silvey Andrews - "Space"