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Do your ensembles seem to lose energy in the middle of a piece?

Do you find your rhythms and pitches are not as accurate as you would like?

Are your ensembles truly connecting to the music you are working on?


Creative Motion can help!


Conductors and educators who use Creative Motion principles with their ensembles recognize that the whole person - body, mind and spirit - is the primary instrument in all music-making. Using Creative Motion techniques will help your members internalize musical concepts through active listening and movement which results in greater rhythmic accuracy, improved intonation, and an enhanced aesthetic experience for performer and audience alike. 

Creative Motion explores the interrelated elements of all musical elements (pitch, interval, melody, pulse, note value, rhythm, meter, harmony, phrase, etc.) through analysis, active listening, and movement. You and your ensembles can use these techniques to discover the energy at the source of the music, and build a stronger link with a composer’s intent. Ensemble members gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between the various musical elements within the piece, as well as their personal relationship to the larger whole.


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