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Tree Dedication Event

Windswept Estate

Berea, Kentucky

June 26, 2020


Louisville Creative Motion Workshop

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

330 N. Hubbards Lane

Louisville, Kentucky 40207

June 27, 2020

Plans in progress -

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The Backstory - Windswept - located in Big Hill, Kentucky near Berea, KY - was the home of Dr. Margaret Allen’s who served on the music faculty of Berea College. Dr. Allen studied with Martha Stockton Russell, founder of Creative Motion® - a pedagogy which explores patterns of energy, and the natural response of the human body bringing greater artistry in  performance. In 1951, Dr. Allen hosted the first annual Windswept Music Workshop to continue the work of Creative Motion. Participation increased as Dr. Allen’s health declined, and the workshop moved to the Berea College campus until 1993. Since then, the Creative Motion® Alliance has continued to sponsor Windswept and other Creative Motion conferences across the country.


Artist and workshop participant, Sheila Meiners Williams, created the copper sculpture to honor the "founding mothers," who led the Creative Motion classes on this estate. In the ensuing years, the tree has grown more beautiful as leaves were added by participants who discovered the benefits of Creative Motion study. The Creative Motion Alliance elected to gift the Windswept Family Tree sculpture to Berea College who agreed to place it on display in Margaret’s home – Windswept - to honor the history and legacy of the Windswept Music Conference and Creative Motion.

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