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"Creative Motion can revitalize your practice, bring a new awareness to your work, and help your clients make uniquely meaningful connections with you, the music, and the rest of their lives" -Kelly Robertson, MT-BC


Working with Creative Motion gives therapists the ability to focus musical experiences to different levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Participants frequently voice how Creative Motion work helps them not only in their musical performance, but also in gaining a new perspective on issues involving personal development.


Martha Russell, founder of Creative Motion teaching, worked with Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. This work began her development of a pedagogy for using movement to build musical awareness.


At events like Windswept you can learn from the Creative Motion Alliance's interdisciplinary faculty; this includes music teachers, counselors, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, students, and professional musicians. You will also experience a variety of relevant courses in expressive arts, improvisation, Qigong, focused applied classes, and building a connection with your energy, breath and body.


Discover how Creative Motion:

  • builds techniques to help clients to experience increased social connectedness and a personal sense of wholeness. 

  • uses musical energy to connect the client's inner experience with their outer expression, and provides the language/tools to describe that experience

  • brings awareness to the body, and to client’s mental and emotional processes, through movement as well as grounding or centering exercises

  • provides avenues for a client’s self-expression and relaxation

  • increases coordination and breath support


















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