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Fall, 2021

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Creative Motion


Monthly Sessions 

led by certified Creative Motion teachers. view scheduled dates here.

email with any questions you may have.


2022 Summer Creative Motion Conference



July 8-10, 2022 

Berea, Kentucky


Plans are underway for our next in-person event slated for July 8-10, 2022! Our plans include a return to Berea, Kentucky. We are feeling a strong desire to reconnect and re-energize with as many of our Creative Motion colleagues as possible. Please complete this brief survey to help us in the planning process. 

Did you know? Berea, KY is where the phrase of Creative Motion study led by Margaret Allen began seventy years ago?

SUCCESS! 2021 Virtual Summer Symposium
       in Creative Motion, July 17-18, 2021



CMA planners welcomed 32 registrants to our virtual Summer Symposium in Creative Motion July 17-18, 2021. A stellar line up of certified Creative Motion teachers delivered a wonderfully diverse collection of sessions via ZOOM. View details of the conference schedule here. 

Participants remarked that with the exceptionally long delay since our last gathering that a return together was much needed and welcome and beneficial, despite the losses of it not being an in-person event.

Creative Motion Clinics are presentations led by some of our certified Creative Motion Instructors exploring principles and concepts related to Creative Motion.


Maryville University 

On October 27, 2021, Phyllis Pasley was invited to present Maryville University in St. Louis for Dr. Laura Dwyer's music therapy students.

"It was a short 45 minute virtual presentation that just flew by... and I had about an hour and a half's worth of things to share. We had a great time and prospects are good for a return engagement - maybe next time in-person! I'm looking forward to it!" Pasley remarked.


Virtual CM Clinics

On November 7, 2021, Ty Miller led a session entitled A Journey and Its Gifts -

An element of inspiration for participants included the following graphic with a quote from page 55 of Creative Motion 2nd edition and an image from Ty's work with one of her students in Jacksonville. The concept of being grounded with the feet in contact with the floor (or in this case - a box) and exercises to increase a student's ability to focus.  

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 8.37.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 8.38.02 PM.png

We continue to schedule virtual CM Clinic sessions on a quarterly basis. Learn more about the clinic series here. Email for the ZOOM link.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 11.02.37

POP-UP Creative Conversations Available
upon request

After hosting weekly opportunities to connect Creative Motion practitioners led by Susan McGuire between September 2020 and July 2021, the regularly scheduled weekly gatherings were placed on hiatus. Future Creative Conversations may take a"pop-up form" and may no longer be restricted to a Sunday. Email to request that a session be formed! 

Creative Motion Alliance Board Meeting Monthly

The Creative Motion Alliance Executive Board which includes president Dr. Mary Hannah Klontz, vice-president Phyllis Pasley, and Dr. Mary Ann Fritz, who serves as secretary/treasurer.  Dr. Klontz was re-elected to continue to serve in the role of CMA President until 2024 at the 2021 annual CMA membership meeting. Pasley's term concludes in 2022, and Dr. Fritz term will conclude in 2023. In addition to planning for the upcoming Summer conference in Berea, Kentucky, the board is engaged with solidifying the Alliance's financial footing, infrastructure and addressing issues related to the organization's longevity.

We plan to hold the annual meeting in July 2022 - in person - in Berea, Kentucky. Plan to attend. Remember you can join for FREE through the remainder of 2021.  



Many of the resources mentioned in our CM Symposium include resource that are available for you to use in your own practice or with your students.


Creative Motion Publications Committee chair, Dr. Mary Ann Fritz works tirelessly for the benefit of Alliance members. As editor of the Journal of Creative Motion, she has been instrumental in bringing forth this annual publication, alongside many others which help share this body of knowledge about wholeness in response in musical endeavors. 

It's always a great time to consider sharing the gift of knowledge about Creative Motion principles! Remember - CM Alliance members also enjoy discounts on the purchase of our publications, and several publications listed below are available free of charge.

Consider brightening someone's world with one of our publications or posters! 

Traitslarge copy.jpg
CIMG0712-1 copy.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 9.02.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 5.04.05 PM.png

In addition to more than twenty years of Journals of Creative Motion, Fritz has helped make several other publications available. These include:

A Creative Motion Reader - a collection of research gathered by Dr. Robert Smith  on approaches to music performance that parallel or complement Creative Motion in some way. To obtain a digital file, please contact MaryAnn Fritz at for your free copy.

The Creative Motion Papers of Margaret Allen - a compilation from the collection held by Dr. Robert Smith of the papers of Dr. Margaret Allen, founder of the Windswept Music Workshop. If you would like a digital copy of this collection of writings, please contact MaryAnn Fritz at for your free copy.

To receive your free copy of the current version of the Journal of Creative Motion, for more information please contact Dr. Mary Ann Fritz, or the Creative Motion Alliance at



We encourage any who are financially able to send a financial contribution to support the work of the Creative Motion Alliance. Your donations help pay for filing fees, taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses, as well as help CMA to sponsor workshops and publications which help spread the word. As a 501c.3, your donations are tax-deductible too!  As you contemplate your end-of-year giving, please remember the Creative Motion Alliance. You can make a donation here.

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