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July, 2020

Creative Motion® Alliance News

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May 2020





Creative Connections

Sunday Night Sessions

Join us via ZOOM.

7/26 8pm Eastern

8/2 4pm Eastern

email for the ZOOM link.



Creative Motion
Summer Symposium
July 12-14, 2021
Berea, Kentucky




At the 2020 CMA General Membership Meeting the members approved changes to the bylaws. Highlighted changes included a 

reduction in the size of the elected offices, to three, each with a three year term, term limits and clarified areas of responsibility. Other changes to membership categories, election procedures, standing committees listed and amendment procedures were also made. A side-by-side comparison of the previous and the now current two documents is available for review. The 7/19/20 approved version of the bylaws may be viewed here.

Special thanks to the members of the Executive Board who worked on this new structure: Amy Lytle, Jennifer Isenhour,  Justin Isenhour, Mary Ann Fritz, Mary Hannah Klontz, Phyllis Pasley.

Also at the general membership meeting elections were held for officers within the new bylaw structure.  Congratulations to Mary Hannah Klontz, Phyllis Pasley and Christie Tompkins.

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 11.12.53

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for all of those members of the Executive Board who have served the Alliance through this time of transition. We especially wish to thank Jennifer Isenhour, Justin Isenhour, Amy Lytle, and Mary Ann Fritz for their extraordinary leadership as they leave the Executive Board to serve the Alliance in other ways. Thank you so much for your service!

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 10.24.08

Please consider joining us for the informal gatherings for Creative Connections. This is a fluid group; people step in whenever they can. Currently we meet on Sunday evenings with sessions that last around 30-40 minutes. They consist of group body tuning and a brief discussion about an element, concept or principle related to Creative Motion. We also have a chance to see and hear from people who are sometimes separated by a great distance and catch up on the latest news from other members of the group. If there is a desire to shift to another day or time, we will happily consider our options! Email for the ZOOM link.


We in the Creative Motion Alliance are fortunate to have access to research by our members on topics of wholeness in response in musical endeavors. One such researcher is Robert C. Smith, who over the years has gathered information on approaches to music performance that parallel or complement Creative Motion in some way. Bob funded the publication of his research into A Creative Motion Reader, and he is graciously making the Reader available to those who would like a copy. To obtain a digital file, please contact MaryAnn Fritz at for your free copy.


In addition, Bob granted access to his collection of Margaret Allen’s papers on Creative Motion. These are gathered in a document entitled The Creative Motion Papers of Margaret Allen. If you would like a digital copy of this collection of writings by the founder of the Windswept Music Workshop, please contact MaryAnn Fritz at for your free copy.

Creative Motion Summer Conference
Berea, Kentucky
July 12-14, 2021

Plans are in the preliminary stages for our biennial

summer gathering of the Creative Motion Alliance in 2021 with a return to Berea, Kentucky. For those who may not be aware, Berea, KY is where the phrase of Creative Motion study led by Margaret Allen began seventy years ago. We'll be in touch with more details as they unfold. We hope you can join us there in 2021!


2020 Dues Waiver 

Members are reminded that the Executive Board voted to waive the membership dues for 2020. This was due to a variety of circumstances, not the least of which was the devastating financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to ensure that every current, former and potential member of the Creative Motion Alliance is included in our conversations and is able to cast their vote in regard to the bylaws, restructuring, elections and our plans for the future! 

This year, all we will need to process your membership in the Creative Motion Alliance is a valid email address and a confirmation of your contact information.


Although we will not be collecting dues, donations to the Creative Motion Alliance are always welcome. Your donations help sponsor workshops and publications which help spread the word. As a 501c.3, your donations are tax-deductible too!  You can make a donation here.

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