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Spring/Summer, 2021

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Creative Conversations

Sunday Sessions - 4pm Eastern

Join us via ZOOM.

Creative Motion


Monthly Sessions 

led by certified Creative Motion teachers. view scheduled dates here.

Register HERE

for the Sunday Sessions


email with any questions you may have.

Release your Inner Potential
              at the
2021 Virtual Summer Symposium
       in Creative Motion

      July 17-18, 2021





CMA planners are so excited to welcome you to our virtual Summer Symposium in Creative Motion July 17-18, 2021. A stellar line up of certified Creative Motion teachers will bring you a wonderfully diverse collection of sessions via ZOOM. View details of the conference schedule here. 


We can't wait to see you again! Registration is free, although your tax-deductible gifts to the Creative Motion Alliance are always welcome! 





2022 Summer Creative Motion Conference



July 12-17, 2022 

Berea, Kentucky

Plans are underway for our next in-person event slated for July 2022! Hopefully, safe travel will be possible in one more year's time. Our plans include a return to Berea, Kentucky. Did you know? Berea, KY is where the phrase of Creative Motion study led by Margaret Allen began seventy years ago? More details to come. Plan to join us for a few days in Berea sometime in the second week of July 2022!


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Sunday Sessions Resume

Our weekly opportunities to connect with Creative Motion work and practitioners began in September 2020. With weekly sessions through from September-Mid-November 2020, and January-May, the Sunday gatherings are scheduled to resume on June 13, 2021. We offer informal gatherings and exchanges of ideas in our Creative Conversations led by Susan McGuire and Creative Motion Clinics which are more formal presentations led by some of our certified Creative Motion Instructors exploring principles and concepts related to Creative Motion. Both Creative Conversation and Creative Motion Clinics are scheduled on Sunday afternoons and begin at 4pm Eastern (3pm central, 2pm mountain, 1pm Pacific).

On June 13 we welcome Dr. Mary Ann Fritz who will share a presentation 


Joins us at 4pm eastern time to learn from one of our Creative Motion Master Teachers!

REGISTER HERE for the ZOOM link to attend any of our Sunday Sessions. 

Annual Creative Motion Alliance Membership Meeting

This annual event will be held virtually in 2021 and will occur on July 18 at 4:15pm Eastern. All members are welcome to attend and membership is FREE in 2021. (see fee waiver information below) This important meeting gives the members of the board a chance to hear your voices and to build momentum for the next chapter of Creative Motion work.


One of our agenda items will be to elect the President who will serve a three-year term. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mary Hannah Klontz has accepted a nomination to continue to serve in that role. Other nominations are welcome from the floor. To join the meeting via ZOOM you may use the same link to attend the virtual Summer Symposium in Creative Motion.  Register for the Symposium and/or the meeting here. 

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Creative Motion Publications Committee chair, Dr. Mary Ann Fritz works tirelessly for the benefit of Alliance members. As editor of the Journal of Creative Motion, she has been instrumental in bringing forth this annual publication, alongside many others which help share this body of knowledge about wholeness in response in musical endeavors. 

It's always a great time to consider sharing the gift of knowledge about Creative Motion principles! Remember - CM Alliance members also enjoy discounts on the purchase of our publications, and several publications listed below are available free of charge.

Consider brightening someone's world with one of our publications or posters! 

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 5.04.05 PM.png

In addition to more than twenty years of Journals of Creative Motion, Fritz has helped make several other publications available. These include:

A Creative Motion Reader - a collection of research gathered by Dr. Robert Smith  on approaches to music performance that parallel or complement Creative Motion in some way. To obtain a digital file, please contact MaryAnn Fritz at for your free copy.

The Creative Motion Papers of Margaret Allen - a compilation from the collection held by Dr. Robert Smith of the papers of Dr. Margaret Allen, founder of the Windswept Music Workshop. If you would like a digital copy of this collection of writings, please contact MaryAnn Fritz at for your free copy.

To receive your free copy of the current version of the Journal of Creative Motion, for more information please contact Dr. Mary Ann Fritz, or the Creative Motion Alliance at

2021 Dues Waiver Extended

In January 2021, the Executive Board decided to extend the waiver of the Creative Motion Alliance membership dues for 2021. You may recall this decision to waive fees began in early 2020 near the start of the pandemic. This decision was made due to a variety of circumstances, not the least of which was the devastating financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We want to ensure that every current, former and potential member of the Creative Motion Alliance continues to be included in our conversations and plans for the future. So again, this year, all we will need to process your membership in the Creative Motion Alliance is a valid email address and a confirmation of your contact information.



Although we will not be collecting dues, we encourage any who are financially able to send a financial contribution to support the work of the Creative Motion Alliance. Your donations help pay for filing fees, taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses, as well as help CMA to sponsor workshops and publications which help spread the word. As a 501c.3, your donations are tax-deductible too!  You can make a donation here.


Please consider making a contribution to the Creative Motion Alliance. Your donations make a difference and help us reach our goals. Thanks for considering CMA as a part of your annual giving. You can make your tax-deductible donation here.

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