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Creative Motion can give performers the tools to remain more relaxed and focused during a concert. These two characteristics are vital in all performance settings, but especially during auditions. As part of Creative Motion study, participants discover new approaches to technical challenges.


Applying Creative Motion principles helps manage or even eliminate performance anxiety. After being immersed in Creative Motion, performers are not worried about simply executing an accurate rendition of a piece. Instead, they are able to build the "felt sense" of a piece or passage and then strive for the holistic integration of musical ideas first experienced inside themselves.


For working professionals who can lose sight of the enjoyment of making music due to the rigors of their daily schedules, a Creative Motion conference is an avenue for reconnection. Windswept, in particular, gives working musicians the space to recharge their batteries, and bring new energy to their work.


Chamber musicians enjoy a greater cooperation and clarity of musical ideas. Especially when the chamber ensemble attends an event like Windswept together, the increase in communication during rehearsals and performances is astonishing. 



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