July, 2019 (dates and location to be determined)

Windswept, the Creative Motion Alliance’s annual summer conference, is a wonderful opportunity for musicians to explore music through the lens of Creative Motion. Creative Motion was founded by Martha Russell, an accompanist to Jacques Dalcroze.  The work incorporates floor work similar to Dalcroze Eurhythmics, but goes beyond to explore the power of connecting these to the inner flow of emotions and spirit.   Discover the barriers that inhibit the free flow of energy and learn the secrets of inner-directed music-making with Creative Motion.


Windswept activities and instruction are designed build artistic intuition through movement, improvisation and dramatic activities. In addition, there are unique inter-generational opportunities where adults interact with student participants of the Windswept Music Camp in classes and ensembles. Through these classes, seminars, master-classes, and choral rehearsals participants explore ways of applying Creative Motion to their own practice, rehearsals, and performances.


For the 2018 conference the majority of sessions are designed for veteran students of Creative Motion, and members of the Creative Motion Alliance. Tuition fees are waived and the format will be similar to a retreat.  Certain sessions will be open to the general public and private lessons may be arranged for a separate fee. For more information, E-mail 

Three graduate credits (from Baker University - Baldwin City, KS) may be available for an additional fee of $285 and cost of textbooks ($80 hardback, $50 hardback and digital).  If this is of interest to you, please contact 

Windswept is where music and energy meet
and we're waiting for you!  

Consider attending the FREE CONCERT at Arborlawn UMC in Ft. Worth - July 17, 2018  and/or the

"Introduction to Creative Motion" session on July 18, 2018 also at Arborlawn.

 click here for more details.

Financial Aid may be available.   If you are interested in being considered for a financial aid/scholarship award, please fill out the online form to apply.  Email completed forms to






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